Who we are

At first informal (from 2012), the network, TRAS – Transversale des Réseaux Arts Sciences [Transversal of Arts Sciences Networks], is an independent non-profit organisation since 2017. It is composed of about twenty artistic, cultural, academic and research organisations engaged in the development of relations between arts, sciences and technologies. Together they create favorable conditions for the encounter between artists and scientists or technologists, at a national and European level in order to allow the emergence of new projects, sharing of ideas, production and circulation of artistic works.

Between research in art, and new technologies applied to performing arts, TRAS proposes to highlight a third approach based on joint research between artists and scientists. This “in-between” and the linked processes are approached from the point of view of artists and scientists through their potential reciprocities. Outcomes can be found both in the logic of social or technological innovation and in education when conceiving artistic and cultural education dispositives.

Our objectives

    • Create an exchange network – share information, best practices and know-how,
    • Promote the international mobility of cultural arts and sciences professionals and their ecosystems (higher education, research laboratories, companies),
    • Develop new modes of transnational cooperation,
    • Promote the mobility of identified artists and / or the dissemination of the projects stamped by TRAS Europe,
    • Improve the visibility of arts sciences actions (organisations, processes, artists) and their better understanding in public policies at a European level by bringing together different players of the field,
    • Propose a different approach than networks and projects proposed by highly institutionalized arts sciences/technology organisations or initiatives.
    • Extend the approach to artistic and cultural education issues at European level (audience development),
    • Transform our own models and processes and get inspired by others.