We develop the network in Europe through different actions such as :

Prospecting trips to perceive what exists in terms of Arts and Sciences projects and institutions in Europe and open to partnerships.

Mapping of all arts sciences and technologies initiatives in Europe

Collecting and visualizing all our actions such as educational actions, residencies…etc

Network meetings
The TRAS network meetings take place 3 – 4 times/year during 2 days in the framework of arts sciences/technologies festivals of one of the members who are hosting the meeting. During these meetings, the members share artistic projects that they support or program, discuss future activities and the working groups can meet in person to continue on their subjects and actions.

Professionnal meetings
TRAS organises professionnal meetings to exchange around arts and sciences development issues each year during the “Festival d’Avignon” and will work on other meetings in France and abroad in 2019.
In July 2018, a public debate around Arts and Sciences and a professionnal meeting around European development took place at the “Cloitre Saint-Louis” in Avignon in partnership with Relais Culture Europe.

Stamped projects
In addition, the TRAS network “STAMPS” artistic projects introduced and supported by some of its members (at least 2) to promote a project as belonging to the genre of arts sciences/technologies.