Numerous currents of thought and ideologies prevail in the domains of our activities. Hence, we find it necessary to establish new ways of interpretation and to construct a form of technological secularism which promotes individual free will and collective reflection on the important issues of mankind common goods.

Our objectives

  • Create an exchange network – share information, exchange of experiences and know-how,
  • Promote the international professional mobility of cultural arts and science professionals and their ecosystems (higher education, research laboratories, companies),
  • Develop new modes of transnational cooperation,
  • Promote the mobility of the artists identified and / or the dissemination of the projects stamped by TRAS Europe,
  • Improve the visibility of arts sciences actions (organisations, processes, artists) and a better understanding of them in public policies at the European level by bringing together different players of the field,
  • Propose a different approach than networks and projects proposed by highly institutionalized arts / science-technology organisations or initiatives.
  • Extend the approach to artistic and cultural education (audience development) issues at European level,
  • Transform our own models and processes and get inspired by others.