Date(s) - 29 August 2019 - 30 August 2019
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The network is hiking on August 29th and 30th in the Vercors around the the theme of “”

The members of the network will meet on August 29 and 30, 2019 in the Vercors for an exploration and reflection walk around Arts Sciences and Terrestrial Education. The network intends to develop and extend the notion of Artistic and Cultural Education (in French, E.A.C.) so that it reflects as closely as possible arts sciences artistic and cultural actions implemented by its members as part of their activities. In addition, the network notes a growing practice and integration of the “terrestrial” dimension within the framework of the initiatives of its members. This hike also intends to clarify the issues associated with this concept in order to debate it within the network, in particular by relying on our existing practices, and lead to the notion of Arts Sciences and Terrestrial Education. The notion of Terrestrial will also be integrated into the TRAS Charter which will therefore be the subject of an update in 2020.

Thus the TRAS members have defined the terrestrial in the following way: “the notion of Terrestrial encompasses all that contributes to the emergence, the development and the maintenance of the living in all its forms, in all its riches, including human ” (See the TRAS CHARTER).

It therefore covers concern, or care, for the environment and for sustainable development in its broadest sense – by this we mean the human dimension of sustainable development through the improvement of individual and collective human well-being.

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