Main scientific area : Sciences de la Terre, Sciences de la vie

Season : Arts vivants (Théatre, Danse, Musique...)

Season : 2019-2020, 2020-2021

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Artist(s)‚ company : Rocio Berenguer and Pulso Company

Project :

G5 is an artistic project declined in tree forms ; a theater show «G5», a performance «COEXISTENCE» and an installation «LITHOSYS».
In the near future, the discovery of other intelligences, such as the animal, vegetal, artificial and mineral ones tend to invert the hierarchy between species and dethroning the human of the Anthropocene. End of the Anthropocene. The world’s first G5 is getting organized. The Mineral , the Vegetal, the Animal, the Machine and the Human Kingdoms, primary life powers on earth must cooperate to secure the future of earthly life.

Tour dates :
Créations :
- February 9th 2020 - Centrequatre in Paris, Biennale NEMO
- February 11th and 12th 2020 - -Hexagone Scène nationale of Meylan